Monday, September 30, 2013

Blast From The Past

The Most Loved In All The World: a story of freedom by Tonya C. Hegamin, illustrated by Cozbi A. Cabrera. This children's book tells a compelling story in a way small children can comprehend. It might raise some worry or concern but the tenderness is clear. Focusing on the love, a caregiver or teacher can help a child understand why a mother would send her child away to freedom. Ms. Cabrera's illustrations are impressive. The colors are vibrant and warm, and her images translate the urgency and passion of the undertaking. Ms. Hegamin measures up, too. Writing isn't easy for any writer but for the children's writer, the challenge is even greater. The language has to be precise and accessible. The writer has to have a keen awareness of how children process language and information. Ms. Hegamin's has that skill. I am so glad I read this. I'll be sharing it often with as many readers as possible.


Because I'm going to be a granny who hopes to pass on the love of reading to her grandbaby, and some things from the past should be saved, I've started another blog. Welcome to Read Shaded Glasses. I'm a midlifer who loves multicultural literature for children and teens.  Initially what you'll see here is the motivation behind this blog, Blasts From The Past.

Blast From the Past will be a primary feature here because a few years ago, I wrote for two dynamic blogs and communities that celebrated multicultural literature.

More often than I'm going to admit, I revisted Color Online and Black-Eyed Susan's. While I had no desire to ressurect these blogs (and I couldn't since I had forgotten my passwords) nor did I want to recreate what I had done, I did desperately want to preserve the treasure trove we had amassed. We had built an amazing community and resource for those writing and reading multicultural literature.

Blast From The Past is a sampling of that bounty. These posts are previously published blogs written by me or contributors who gave permission. I have linked to both blogs so you can enjoy what other contributors shared. I especially hope you will revisit Color Online.  Leave comments when you have time. My hope is that hits on the site will extend its life. Blast From The Past, will be my personal effort to archive wonderful resources: books to be enjoyed. Yes, you can expect new snapshots as well. There are so many books and so little time before I have a child to read to.

Happy reading,

Blast from the past

One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams Garcia. I love this author's work and this book is no exception. Do check out the video clip at Zetta Eliott's blog. I was twenty pages shy of finishing when I made the same mistake of sharing a book too soon. I told a friend of my daughter's how much I enjoyed it. Actually, she had come to see my daughter and while waiting she noticed the book on the hallway bookcase ( my daughter's friends often eye my books and then shyly they will sometimes ask to borrow one). I watched her her read the book titles and I knew she was going to ask. I started to say let me finish but I couldn't risk her not coming back (she's actually a regular reader and likely would ask) but I seize all opportunities to give kids books.